What is the Green Wednesday Cannabis Holiday

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The use of cryptic slang has always accompanied marijuana since its prohibition many decades ago for a good reason. In fact, weed has now over a thousand slang names and terms, one of which is 420. Even those outside of the cannabis community have an idea of the significance of 4/20 or the 20th of July, the date being widely accepted as a stoner holiday. There’s also the less mainstream “710” which celebrates the consumption of cannabis concentrates. 

During the last few years, the cannabis community has seen a number of victories like the boom of the CBD industry and the domino effect of medical and recreational marijuana legalization, to name a few. Even during the current pandemic, the marijuana industry has become an unlikely hero, pumping in much needed tax revenue into dwindling state budgets. 

Giving the gift of ganja

Riding high on this momentum (no pun intended), the cannabis community has been pushing a relatively new shopping holiday called “Green Wednesday” which is basically Black Friday for potheads. Well it might not be so new, all that’s known is that as more states legalized recreational marijuana, trends have shown that sales typically pick up ahead of Thanksgiving each year. 

Black Friday has traditionally been a good holiday for good marijuana deals, with sales increasing on this day year after year. This led Tommy Chong, the godfather of weed, to tweet that “Green Friday” should be an official thing. However, Wednesdays before Thanksgiving in the past few years also saw an increase in sales since consumers are probably stocking up for the holiday weekend when people usually binge on food, alcohol and sometimes drugs, at least according to the NHTSA. This led to retailers offering discounts on those days, which in turn further encouraged consumers to shop and the rest is history.

There is also a relatively obscure theory that Green Wednesday actually came about in 2014 when recreational marijuana shops in Colorado opened their doors for the first time. Customer lines particularly in Frisco, Silverthorne, and Breckenridge reportedly stretched out the door with around 200 to 500 customers waiting for around 20 minutes or more just to be served that day.

Regardless of where this shopping holiday originated from, Green Wednesday is now here to stay and is even expected to get more mainstream now that a growing number of states are legalizing adult-use cannabis.

What to buy

nickolette from Bulgaria, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Now that cannabis is making its way into virtually anything, from topicals to dog treats and everything in between, it can make shopping difficult. The kinds of marijuana products multiply year after year, and even if you have a list, that’s gonna go out the window once you see some pretty attractive discounts on products that you may not even have thought of getting. Although it might feel like you’re being released into a store and you’re given a time limit to grab all the stuff that you can, it is still important to have a shopping plan to avoid splurging needlessly. One good way to approach your shopping would be to consider three things: the legal limit in your state, what products are likely to get sold out, and how acceptable marijuana is to the ones you’ll be buying for.

Check your state’s laws

In most states where marijuana is legal, there is a specific limit as to how much you can buy, possess, and give (distributing without remuneration). The limit is also specific depending on the form of the marijuana (ex. dry herb, concentrate, etc.) so it’s best to check the marijuana laws of your state first before making your shopping list. You can find these possession and distribution limits on our posts on the marijuana home growing laws of each state

Know what’s in demand

Obviously, you’ll be jostling with millions of other marijuana shoppers for the same discounted products, so it’ll be good to know what items are in demand so you can grab them before they run out of stock. 

Sales of edibles are reportedly seeing a good increase every year, in particular, marijuana-infused beverages. It is believed that edibles do well since they are much less taboo compared to smoking and vaping, which means you can get high at Thanksgiving dinner and none would be the wiser.

Normalize giving marijuana gifts

Lastly, I think we can all agree that giving the right gift, not the most expensive one, makes a world of difference. If you can give Grandma a cannabis topical that works for her arthritis, or get Mom to try some infused chocolates that take the edge off from the holiday gatherings, then you’ve potentially made a couple of new converts. After all, isn’t the holidays and the herb all about spreading love?  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Green Wednesday”?

Green Wednesday is a shopping holiday considered to be the Black Friday for marijuana users. On this day, marijuana retailers typically offer bigger discounts and deals.

When is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday is celebrated on the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving.

Is Green Wednesday the same as 420?

No, they are different. 420 is typically a bigger worldwide marijuana celebration held every April 20 while Green Wednesday is a relatively newer shopping holiday celebrated on the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving.


Shopping holidays like Black Friday and Green Wednesday have recently come under fire for unnecessarily pushing consumerism. While this may be partly true, it is still ultimately up to us to decide if opening our wallets on those days would be wise. Now if you’ve made up your mind to shop this Green Wednesday, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Take note of past prices and see if you are actually getting a big discount on what you want to buy.
  • Be aware of the limits and other marijuana regulations in your state.
  • Support local businesses as much as possible, especially during this pandemic.   

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