What is a Home Grow Kit?

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If you’re new to growing cannabis at home, you may frequently come across the term “home grow kit” when searching for information online. These are basically marijuana growing products that have been bundled together for the convenience of the grower. Most home growing kits will include everything that you may need for growing marijuana within your residential premises. 

Now you may think that marijuana is just another plant and all you need to grow it is a pot, some good soil, water, and some sun. That’s only partly true. While marijuana can indeed grow in the wild free of human care (feral cannabis), these plants are unlikely to give you a yield that you’ll be happy with. Their flowers will be smaller, won’t smell as good, and won’t have much of the precious cannabinoids we’re after.  

By tending to your plant, you help bring out its full potential instead of letting nature take its course. For example, one of the reasons why you’d want to prune your plant is that it allows energy and resources to be used for flowering instead of being used up by unnecessary foliage. It also allows better airflow around the plant which helps prevent the growth of molds.   

If you’re going to grow at home for the purpose of harvesting some nice smokable flowers, you need to take good care of your plant. 

Cannabis convenience  

While it’s certainly ok to try and grow your own plant with just the bare minimum, you may eventually find that investing in good equipment and putting extra effort into caring for your plant will give you better flowers to harvest. Fortunately, tending to your marijuana plant will be easier as you gain experience. 

Nowadays, it easier to grow at home more than ever before. You’ll no longer need to go through a lot of experimentation, given the abundance of information online on growing marijuana. Back in the days, home growers had to experiment a lot. This included improvising a lot of equipment for their indoor growing setup. Thanks to those pioneers, you can now buy equipment specialized for indoor or outdoor growing setups and sometimes they even come bundled with everything that you’ll need to grow at home successfully. 

Indoor or outdoor

Before you go on Amazon looking for grow kits, you first need to decide which kind of grow suits you. Indoor and outdoor growing both have their own advantages and disadvantages so you need to figure out which one makes more sense for you.

Indoor setup

  • Gives you more control over the growing environment. Can result in better quality weed if done right.
  • You can grow and harvest at any time of the year.
  • Pests can be difficult to control due to the absence of natural predators.
  • Costs more since you’ll need more equipment.
  • You’ll have to micromanage every aspect of the growing environment.  

Outdoor setup  

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  • Your plant can grow in a more natural environment with the best source of light and better air circulation.
  • Your plants can grow bigger because they have more room. This is especially ideal for Sativa strains that can grow tall.
  • Costs less since you won’t need that much equipment.
  • Your plant is at the mercy of the elements.
  • You have to plant at the right time of the year in line with the seasons. 
  • There are certain strains that are better suited to a particular kind of climate.
  • You cannot control light cycles which is critical in the growth cycle of photoperiod plants.
  • You may encounter bigger pests like rats. 
  • There’s a small chance that your female plants may get pollinated.

How many plants are you going to grow?

This will depend on how much space you have for growing. Cannabis plants can grow bigger and healthier if they have room. To give you an idea how much space you are going to need, a typical autoflowering plant grows up to around 20 inches. However, Sativa plants can reach up to 20 feet which is why most growers try to limit this height by creating hybrids. 

On most websites, you will be able to choose the strain of seeds you want to grow by specifying the characteristics that you want. This will include plant height. If you’re a beginner, you’re in luck: most beginner home growing kits also include seeds that are meant to be grown with the equipment that it comes with!

Easy come, easy grow

We can’t stress enough how easy it is nowadays to get started on your own grow. It only gets complicated when you try to grow other strains or grow more plants but setting up a beginner all-in-one growing kit should not be difficult. Even then, there are also kits for more advanced growers. In fact, there’s practically a kit for any kind of grow that you want to do, whether it be a few potted plants or a hydrophonic system. The only considerations are the amount of space you have and how much you are willing to spend.  

Outdoor growing kits

Let’s start with the least complicated and less costly option: outdoor growing kits. One thing that typically complicates growing kits is the lighting setup, something that isn’t needed for outdoor growing. Here’s an example of a typical outdoor weed growing kit:

GreenBox Grown’s Mini Greenhouse Complete Starter Kit 


  • Mini greenhouse – This one includes a 27L X 18W X 63H in rack and transparent cover set. 
  • Fertilizer set – Three kinds of fertilizers customized for every stage of the plant’s growth.   
  • Slim oscillating fan – Used to circulate air necessary for the plant’s health
  • pH pen – Used for checking the pH levels of the soil. 
  • pH control kit – This set includes both an acid and base solution and tester.
  • 12 quart potting soil – The better the soil quality, the healthier the plant.
  • 3-gallon pot – Although you can use regular pots, there are special pots that can give your plants sufficient root aeration.
  • Trimming scissors – An indispensable tool for all gardeners.
  • Microscope – Used for inspecting the plant and seeds. 
  • Cotton twine –  Used for tying/training your plant’s stalks.

This kit provides all the basic materials for growing 1 plant successfully. It costs only $155.19 which seems a pretty reasonable investment considering that you can use it again and again. GreenBox Grown also offers larger outdoor starter kits that can accommodate up to 8 plants. This one is priced at $685.85.

Indoor growing kits 

Indoor growing is a bit more complicated but don’t let that intimidate you. Some people even find indoor growing easier since it gives them complete control of the plant’s environment. However, don’t expect it to be as cheap as an outdoor setup. Here’s an example of a turn-key indoor growing kit that has everything a beginner needs to get started:

The Bud Grower’s Grow at Home Made Easy Kit


  • 150 watts LED light
  • 24x24x60 Indoor tent – The tent interior is usually made with reflective material like Mylar. 
  • Potting soil 
  • 4” In-line fan – for air circulation.
  • Carbon filter – gets rid of the “dank” smell. 
  • Rope hangers – used for training your plant’s stalks.
  • Fermenting jars – for curing the flowers. 
  • Root growth solution
  • Germination Domes – used for germinating seeds. 
  • Heat and Humidity Monitor
  • Electronic Timer – this is used to automatically turn on/off various equipment like fans or lights.
  • Steel Ducting – for external air ducting.
  • Clip Fan – for air circulation at the top part of the tent.
  • 5-Gallon fabric growing pots

This kit is priced at $599.95 without fertilizer and is suitable for growing 3 plants. While they have a cheaper and more basic kit, it does not come with fans.


Home growing kits provide an extremely convenient way of starting an indoor or outdoor marijuana grow. It takes so much guesswork out of the process. However, as you gain experience and move on to advanced growing, you may want to replace or add more components to your growing setup. Some growers also point out that it’s possible to cut down on costs if you put together your own kit. However, this seems to be the entire point of a grow kit: it makes it easy for beginners to get started, but for a price.  

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