Top Accessories for the Boundless CF Vape

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In our recent reviews, we already took a look at 4 of the most impressive hybrid dry herb vapes on the market today. However, none of these devices go under $100, and while this may lead you to think that the industry has left cannabis enthusiasts on a budget behind a steep paywall, it’s simply not true. 

The weed vaping device space is very competitive and there are no blank niches left to be filled. Of course, somebody has to cater to customers with discriminating taste but are not really ready to spend for extra bells and whistles. This is where the Boundless CF comes in.

Known as the “poor man’s Mighty”, Boundless’ CFV got recognized as one of the best vapes in its class even though it occupies the lower part of the price spectrum. In fact, the whole CF family of vapes dominates the entry-level portable dry herb vape category. Now this may not sound flattering at all but just think about this: the CF has consistently shown up on the list of top vapes for several years now.

Comparing the Boundless CFV to its direct competitors seems unfair, so let’s take its “lite” version, the CF, instead since it carries a huge selling point that the Mighty, PAX 3, Firefly 2+, and Arizer Solo II doesn’t: it’s priced under $100.  

Boundless CF Specs

  • Year introduced: 2016
  • Size: 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.2 in
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Battery capacity and usage: 1300 mAh, 10 to 15 sessions
  • Heating technology: Hybrid
  • Temperature range: 355ºF–415ºF (179ºC–213ºC)
  • Price: $98.99 ($109.99 on some sites)

The good: It is a hybrid vape that uses conduction/convection heating, you can expect to get decent flavors and vapor thickness from it. Chamber can also hold a good amount of weed: 0.5 grams and vaping efficiency is reportedly up to par even if the bowl isn’t fully packed. Battery capacity is also good and the vape itself is not that bulky or heavy. Of course, you get all of this for just around $100.

The bad: Although the CF is very well-made, it is made out of plastic, so don’t be surprised if it cracks or breaks if you drop it. The plastic mouthpiece needs to be broken in before the weird flavors go away. Draw resistance leaves a lot to be desired. You can also only choose among 5 different temperature presets and vapors tend to get harsher at higher settings.

The bottomline on the CF, and perhaps the CFV is that it’s quite basic but it does the job of getting you to vapor flavor town at half the price. Think of a base model Toyota. But if you want a device that looks nice, has some cool features, tweakable and built to last, you probably need to look elsewhere. 

Boundless CF Parts and Accessories

If the CF sounds like your kind of vape, then you’re probably the type who would not want to spend on extras and it’s possible that Boundless understands this. The CF doesn’t have a lot of accessories and it doesn’t really need any, it’s already a good li’l vape as it is. But if you need replacement parts and disposables, there’s certainly a few to be found.


The Boundless CF is a vape made for the masses and is a great one at that. At specific temperature settings, which are pretty easy to dial in, it will deliver a good hit of vapor that will give more expensive vapes a run for the money. The battery ain’t no slouch either and honestly, those are the only things you need from a pocket vape that doesn’t even look half as bad.  

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