Top Accessories for Mighty Dry Herb Vape

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The Mighty is a hybrid dry herb vape that needs no introduction. After it came out in 2014, it became the benchmark to which all other handheld vapes got compared to. Made by Storz & Bickels, the same ones who made the Volcano, the Mighty is a handheld vape that is built for performance and durability, no expenses spared. Let’s put it this way, if the Mighty were a car, it would be a Mercedes-Benz.

Just how good is the Mighty exactly? Is it really the complete vape package worthy of the title “King of Vapes”? Let’s take a quick look at its specs:

Mighty Specs

  • Year introduced: 2014
  • Size: 5.5 in x 3.1 in x 1.2 in
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Battery capacity and usage: 2 x 3300 mAh, average of 8 sessions.
  • Heating technology: Hybrid
  • Temperature range: 40°C and 210°C (104°F and 410°F)
  • Price: $349

The good: The Mighty can make thick clouds of vapor comparable even to some  desktop vapes but what separates it from other handhelds is its extraction consistency, you’ll barely notice any decline in vapor quality even when the weed in the chamber is almost used up. It is also built like a tank, it is incredibly durable, has a long battery life, and can handle high temperatures with ease. 

The bad: The Mighty isn’t exactly discreet. It is big, heavy and impossible to hide with your hand. The $349 price tag may also be a bit too steep for casual vapers who are not too fussy about vapor quality and consistency. Other negatives are very minor: auto shutoff period is short, reset sensor may not work if you don’t take a very long draw, and temperature is initially displayed in Fahrenheit every time it is turned on.

The Mighty is a vape built for performance and those who own it or have used it will say that its price is justified. A product of German engineering, it’s a vape that’s built to last, even with hours and hours of daily use. It delivers the best quality vapor consistently for as long as 90 minutes, thanks to its dual 18650 batteries. Even though the manufacturer’s warranty is decent at best – 2 years, the Mighty is practically impossible to wear out even years after this period.

Storz & Bickels Mighty Parts and Accessories

The Mighty is one of the most expensive handheld vapes today. However, it is so well-designed and built that there is hardly the need to pimp it up, so you won’t see a lot of accessories for the Mighty that will further increase its functionality, most are only replacement parts, containers, cleaning tools, and disposables. 

  • Dosing capsule set – $6.90. These are capsules you can pre-fill for faster and easier loading.
  • Mouthpiece set – $10.90. Set of replacement mouthpieces.
  • Filling chamber tool set – $5.90. Plastic tamping and stirring tool.
  • Glass mouthpiece – $13.59. A glass mouthpiece and cap set for flavor purists.
  • Wear and tear set – $34.90. Includes 3 mouthpieces, 1 cooling unit, 1 pc. screen set, 1 pc. liquid pad set, 2 pcs. filling chamber tool, and a cleaning brush.
  • Capsule caddy – $5.90. A keychain style container for the Mighty dosing capsules.
  • Cooling unit – $19.90. Replacement cooling unit.
  • Stand – $11.99. A simple stand for the Mighty. Comes in plastic or metal.
  • Car charger – $19.90. Charger that fits into the lighter adaptor in your car. 
  • Power adaptor – $19.90. Wall power adapter for the Mighty.


Size and price aside, most vapers would probably agree that the Mighty is still the best portable, handheld dry herb/concentrate vape in the market today. Considering how durable and how efficient it is in vaporizing weed, it’s not even that expensive since you’d probably spend somewhere close to the same amount for a fully-upgraded vape that delivers the same performance. However, if the Mighty is a bit too bulky for your taste, it has a “lite” version called the Crafty that’s probably more suitable for those looking for the same build quality and performance in a smaller, more affordable package. 

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