Top 5 Mid-Size Dry Herb Vapes to Use with Marijuana Flower

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While rolling a joint, smoking with a bong, and dabbing has its nostalgic charm, these methods of consuming marijuana by inhalation are slowly but surely becoming antiquated. Vaping is no longer a novelty and vapes are just becoming better, cheaper, and sexier every year. 

It can also be argued that vape is helping marijuana get more social acceptance, especially at a time when smoking is going out of fashion. One frequent complaint though, of those who want to transition from vaping to smoking, is that good, powerful vapes look too big and feel awkward. But vaping technology is advancing and batteries that typically account for a vape’s size are shrinking and nowadays, it’s hard to complain about the experience a modern mid-sized dry herb vape can deliver. 

The different types of vapes

If you’re new to vaping, it can be hard to shop for the right vape since there are now countless variations of vape devices for every kind of need. To keep things simple however, most will fall under one of these categories: 

E-cig or pen-style vape – These are devices that are designed to be small, discreet and cheap. Expect pen vapes to have short battery life and provide a bare amount of vapor. 

Fair Expert, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pods – These are usually a little bit bigger than pen vapes but still pocket-sized and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. As its name suggests, the e-liquid is typically in the form of a pod or cartridge. Pods are designed to be more convenient and less awkward than mid-sized vapes, and put out more vapor and have greater battery life than pen vapes.  

Box mods and mid-sized vapes – These are vapes that are built for performance. Mid-sized vapes usually have far greater battery life and are powerful enough to vape dry weed. Most also offer advanced temperature control options and can even hook up to a smartphone app. However, these devices are also as big as a small smartphone and are relatively expensive. 

Coaster420, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Desktop vapes – There is no doubt that desktop vapes deliver the best vapor quality of all devices. Often bought by weed connoisseurs who want the perfect machine to vape top-shelf marijuana, these heavy-duty devices heat up fast and are built for day-long sessions. If sacrificing price and portability is not an issue for you, this is what you need to get.  

In between these categories are so many other hybrid vapes that try to deliver the best of both worlds, but there’s always going to be pros and cons for every device. In general, a bigger device will have more power or battery life and put out better vapor. It’s also going to be more expensive. However, there are also occasions when a small vape will suffice. They are also cheaper, less awkward to carry, and easier to operate.   

Why do you need a mid-sized vape?

Here are some reasons why you would want to get a dry herb vape:

  • Higher vaping temperatures – you want a device that can go up to around  210°C/410°F as quickly as possible. 
  • Temperature control – because your experience can vary depending on the temperature you vape your weed at.
  • Longer battery life – obviously, the longer you can use your device in between charges, the better.
  • Can vape dry herb or concentrate – most mid-sized vapes pack enough power to vaporize both weed and concentrate.

Convection or conduction?

Don’t be put off by these seemingly complicated terms. These are just different ways of heating up weed used by most vapes on the market. It’s important to know which one your vape uses since it directly affects vapor quality and the device’s cleaning and maintenance.

  •  Convection – similar to an oven, the weed is cooked by hot air around it.  
    • Pros – Better vapor quality since the herb is cooked more evenly. Requires less cleaning since there’s no residue to stick on a heating surface.  
    • Cons – Slower heating time, typically more expensive.
  • Conduction – similar to a frying pan, the weed is heated on a hot surface.
    • Pros – Faster heating times, makes the device cheaper.
    • Cons – Vapor quality is not as good since the herb is toasted unevenly. Typically requires a packed chamber. Residue can stick on the heating surface which will need cleaning.

Bigger devices like desktop vapes usually use convection heating while more compact vapes use conduction. But as you may have expected, there are also hybrid vapes that use a combination of the two, as you will see in our list below.

Now even if you narrow your buying choice to mid-sized vapes, there’s still so many to choose from. Where do you even start? 

The Top 5 Mid-Sized Dry Herb Vapes

In this article, we’ve listed 5 of the best picks in the mid-sized dry herb vape category to make the decision easier for you. Pick any one of these and you really can’t go wrong.

Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel  

The Mighty is really worthy of its name: it looks mean and is built like a tank. While there is a general feedback that it does not heat up as fast as its contemporaries, it does handle a larger amount of weed well. The Mighty was also designed to keep the heat away from its dual lithium batteries, which makes it heavy and conspicuous but that is kind of expected from a thing that is built for performance. If you like the Mighty but its size puts you off, you might want to go for its little bro, the Crafty.

  • Price: $410 (348€)
  • Size Specifications (height, width, depth & weight): 5,5” x 3,2” x 1,2”. 230g
  • Type of Cannabis Used: Dry herb, concentrate
  • Heating Source: Hybrid
  • Temperature Settings: 40°C/104°F to 210°C/410°F
  • Average Battery Time: Around 1 hours
  • Use While Charging: Yes
  • What kind of charger: Power Adapter 240 Volt
  • Where Manufactured: Germany
  • What’s included: Power adapter, spare seal rings, spare screens, concentrate pad, filling tool, herb mill, dosing capsule, cleaning brush, manual
  • Additional features: Heavy-duty construction. Officially the “first” medically approved cannabis vaporizer.

Learn more about Storz & Bickel’s Mighty vaporizer.

Arizer Solo II

The Arizer Solo 2 is quite possibly the best dry herb vape in its price range, such that it does a lot of things quite well. Priced at under $200, this vape doesn’t skimp on features. It has a cool temperature display, 3 glass mouthpiece choices, and a 3400 mAh dual battery, and comes with a number of accessories. 

The Arizer Solo 2 may not be discreet, but it does fit snugly in your hand and does not feel fragile. It also has one of the fastest heat up times and longest use times between charges in its class, making it a favorite even with experienced weed enthusiasts. 

  • Price: $174.99
  • Size Specifications (height, width, depth & weight): 4,5” x 1,7” x 1”. 220g
  • Type of Cannabis Used: Dry herb only
  • Heating Source: Hybrid
  • Temperature Settings: 220°C/428°F
  • Average Battery Time: Around 1 ½  on normal settings
  • Use While Charging: Yes
  • What kind of charger: USA DC charger or car charger
  • Where Manufactured: Assembled in Canada
  • What’s included: Power Adapter, glass aroma tube (90mm, 110mm), glass aroma dish + size, PVC travel tube w/cap (90mm, 110mm), belt-clip carry case, silicone stem caps, stainless steel filter screens/stirring tool, sample aromatic botanicals, owner’s manual
  • Additional features: Uses a glass tube mouthpiece preferred by most vapers. Top Portable Vaporizer Award – LIFT & Co. CCAs 2018

Learn more about the Arizer Solo II vaporizer.

DaVinci IQ2 

DaVinci’s IQ2 is probably the most advanced vape on this list. Many have called it the “iPhone” of vapes, such that it looks sexy and has a premium feel to it. Instead of a display, the IQ2 uses LED dots on its face to show temperature and other indicators. If you find the minimalist-style display a bit lacking, you can just use the smartphone app to see and manage all of the IQ2’s features.   

Like the iPhone, users are somewhat divided on their opinion on the IQ2. It’s very high tech, beautifully designed with high-quality materials such as the anodized aluminum shell and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece, which makes it somewhat expensive. However, it has a relatively slower heat up time and as a conduction vape, it is not the most efficient in baking weed. Nevertheless,the IQ2 is an impressive marriage between substance and style that will give you your money’s worth.    

  • Price: Starts at $295
  • Size Specifications (height, width, depth & weight): 1,75” x 3,61” x 0,97”. 170g
  • Type of Cannabis Used: Dry herb, concentrate
  • Heating Source: Conduction
  • Temperature Settings: Max of 221°C/430°F
  • Average Battery Time: Around 1 hour on normal settings
  • Use While Charging: Yes
  • What kind of charger: USB charger (sold separately)
  • Where Manufactured: China
  • What’s included: USB Charging Cable, Alcohol Wipes, Keychain Multi-tool, 10mm Adapter, Carry Can and a Flavor Chamber, Manual
  • Additional features: Uses removable 18650 Li-Ion batteries, adjustable oven size, set “smart paths” or automatic temperature settings using the app. 

Learn more about DaVinci’s IQ2 vaporizer.

AirVape X

If you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative to the DaVinci IQ2, Apollo’s Airvape X is a strong candidate. Claiming to be the thinnest of its kind on the market, the Airvape X is undeniably a sexy device that will feel right at home in your pocket. It also sports a 1.3 inch display, a sturdy black shell and a dual filter, 3 airflow chamber ceramic mouthpiece for a better draw.

While it boasts a fast heat up time of 20 seconds, the 1300 mAh battery feels a bit lacking. While it can also be used for concentrates, you still have to use a wax pad insert. 

  • Price: Starts at $139
  • Size Specifications (height, width, depth & weight): 4.1″ x 1.85″ x 0.48″. 90.71g
  • Type of Cannabis Used: Dry herb, concentrate
  • Heating Source: Hybrid
  • Temperature Settings: Max of 220°C/428°F
  • Average Battery Time: Around 45 minutes on normal settings
  • Use While Charging: Yes
  • What kind of charger: Micro USB
  • Where Manufactured: China
  • What’s included: X Shell case, Concentrates Pad Insert, USB Charger Cable, Cleaning, Loading Tools, Replacement Filter Screens, Manual
  • Additional features: X Shell case keeps smells in and out.

Learn more about the AirVape X vaporizer.

Boundless CFX

You can think of the CFX as somewhat a budget Mighty: built for performance and packed with features in an equally large package. It’s definitely at the bottom of our list in the looks department. While the 1.7 inch display looks cool and the grooved silicon exterior feels nice to the grip, you’d probably feel a bit awkward whipping it out in public. To make up for this, the CFX does boast a fast charge time and the fastest heat up time of all vapes in our list, pumping out thick, creamy clouds under 20 seconds. Because of its auto-shut off feature, most users don’t really complain about its dual 2500 mAh battery.

The Boundless CFX is a solid choice for those seeking an easy-to-use vape that delivers on a budget. 

  • Price: $125.99
  • Size Specifications (height, width, depth & weight): 4,7” x 2,8” x 1,2”. 453g 
  • Type of Cannabis Used: Dry herb, concentrate
  • Heating Source: Hybrid
  • Temperature Settings: 37.8°C/100°F to 221.1°C/430°F
  • Average Battery Time: Around 1 ½ hour on normal settings
  • Use While Charging: No
  • What kind of charger: AC/DC wall charger
  • Where Manufactured: China
  • What’s included: Cleaning Brush, Stir Tool, AC/DC Wall Charger, USB Charging Cable, Manual
  • Additional features: Large oven capacity, auto shut-off feature

Learn more about the Boundless’ CFX vaporizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a dry herb vape?

A dry herb vape is a device that can vaporize the moisture and compounds in a dry herb by convection or conduction heating.

Is a dry herb vape healthier than an oil based vape?

Not necessarily. High-quality extracts free of any harmful chemicals will almost certainly be more potent than dry herb. The important thing is to source your concentrates or buds from a reputable producer.

How much should I pay for a marijuana vape?

This depends on what features you are looking for but most decent mid-sized dry herb vapes typically start at above $100.

How long does a vape battery last?

This depends on 3 things: the capacity of the battery, temperature usage, and the design of the vape. Typically a vape should work around 1 to 2 hours on normal usage but using the vape at high temperatures will drain the battery faster. Batteries that are constantly exposed to heat in badly designed vapes will also drain faster and have a shorter lifespan.

Is it legal to buy a vape in the United States

The Tobacco 21 legislation made it legal only for adults 21 and older to buy vape products. Vaping marijuana is another matter since there are states that do allow the use of marijuana products but not in vape form.


While there are some exceptionally desirable vapes on this list, one thing to keep in mind is that all kinds of vapes have their own pros and cons. As you may have noticed, the vapes that we listed aren’t really in direct competition with each other. Some have an edge on performance, some in looks and compactness, and some in price. So when shopping for a vape, a good thing to do would be to list down the kind of features that you want in order of priority then narrow your choices based on those. 

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