The Best Cannabis Home Growing Online Communities You Should Join

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If you’re just starting out as a grower, you should learn to accept the fact that you’ll make mistakes along the way, which may include some major ones where all of your plants die. This isn’t uncommon. In fact, even growers with some experience run into big problems now and then. In cases like these, the problem is not that you didn’t do your research, it’s likely that you have, it’s just that you need a trained eye to identify what the issue is exactly. Similar to treating medical conditions, consulting with a doctor is more helpful than self-diagnosis. Of course, it’s totally ok to learn through experimentation but having an experienced grower probe and analyze your problem will most likely save you the time and effort.

Fortunately, the cannabis community is all about good vibes and there’s no shortage of generous people who are always willing to help out to spread the gospel of marijuana. However, you may not find these good souls easily on mainstream platforms like Facebook, given that marijuana is still considered an illegal drug in some states and most parts of the world. This is why marijuana enthusiasts tend to engage on forums and platforms like Reddit since these offer more anonymity. 

If you’re wondering which online cannabis communities are worth getting into, read on. Below is a list of ten of the biggest and most active ones that any grower should definitely be a part of. Not only will you be able to get top notch tips for your growing woes here, you may also get to make friends with some of the most interesting marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world. 

r/weed and r/Marijuana

Number of members: 651k and 225k respectively


  • You can get top-notch advice from expert-level growers right after you post


  • Both subreddits are not as focused on growing compared to dedicated growing forums
  • Your posts can get pushed down by more popular ones and you may not get as many answers as you want

Social news website Reddit has built a reputation for being a source of quality information on just about any subject since most users are eager to vet posts and comments. This way, facts often get upvoted and thus become more visible on the platform. Although these two “subreddits” aren’t strictly about marijuana growing, you can still post your questions on either and expect to get spot-on solutions.  

ILGM Grow Support Forum

Number of members: Several hundreds


  • Newbies can get quick and easy answers from ILGM experts and other members
  • Layout is not difficult to navigate as other forums


  • Not as active as other forums

I Love Growing Marijuana is arguably the most popular marijuana seed shop online but what separates it from the rest is the ton of growing info Robert Bergman and team puts out on the website as well as the active community behind its forum. You can join even if you’re not a customer and both ILGM experts and community members are always willing to help out a newbie with their growing-related questions.

GrassCity Forums

Number of members: More than 600,000


  • You can get top-notch advice from expert-level growers right after you post
  • Layout looks nice and easy to browse despite having a lot of sub forums


  • The forums covers a lot of other topic categories which can sidetrack you from your research

Like ILGM, GrassCity forums was born from a popular cannabis accessories shop. Now their forums have grown considerably with thousands of members around the world ready to help others on questions related not only to growing but also all other aspects of the marijuana lifestyle. 

IC Mag Forums

Number of members: Less than a hundred thousand


  • One of the best forums for newbies and serious growers
  • Covers a lot of topic categories but still focused mostly on growing


  • Some spam posts and accounts do get through

IC Mag is also one of the biggest online marijuana communities in terms of topics covered but if you want growing-specific advice, scoot on over to their Marijuana Growing > Cannabis Growing section where other members will be glad to answer your questions based on their own experiences. You’ll also regularly come across interesting issues that will definitely expand your cannabis knowledge and guide you with future issues. 

Percy’s Grow Room

Number of members: 3171


  • Has a small community with members from all over the world. Some new growers may find it less overwhelming to engage and discuss with a smaller group as opposed to a forum with thousands of members.
  • There are giveaways, discount codes and similar perks.


  • Not as big as other forums

Percy’s Grow Room might be fairly new but is a tight-knit community focused particularly on growing. This may be more suitable for beginners looking for fast answers without getting lost in other sub forums and discussions that bigger communities may have. They also have a dedicated team of experts, each with their own set of unique experiences in their region, ready to provide answers to all levels of growers as well as a weekly podcast that can expand your knowledge on growing and other valuable cannabis info.

Number of members: Hundreds of thousands


  • It is a big, highly engaged community with most members ready and willing to provide answers
  • Layout is easy to navigate


  • Focused more on the recreational aspect of marijuana, growing is just one of many topic subcategories on the site

Roll It Up is a marijuana forum that was “built by the people, for the people”. It is a big community that covers all aspects of marijuana life and if you want to connect to other weed enthusiasts on a variety of other topics, not just growing, then you are going to have fun on this forum.

Bonus: THCFarmer and THCTalk

Number of members: 98,425 and 2,908,160 respectively


  • Focused on marijuana growing, its easy to get quality answers.
  • THCFarmer was started way back in 2007.
  • THCTalk’s layout is fairly easy to navigate


  • THCFarmer looks a bit dated

If you’re all about the THC and are growing more for the recreational aspect of cannabis, then you’d want to become a member on these forums. Not only will you be able to get good troubleshooting tips, you can also freely discuss how to make your buds more potent and other things you’d normally be too shy to talk about in mainstream forums.


If you want to avoid catastrophic mistakes when growing weed, getting guidance from someone with real-world experience is invaluable and the most convenient way to get this is by connecting with other growers online. Online cannabis forums, Q & A and message boards offer a wealth of practical knowledge from growers all around the world for free, plus you can also get leads on where to buy rare strains products that could vastly improve your marijuana growing. 

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