Rockwool 0.6-Inch Round Starter Plug – 50 Pack

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Make Plant Sprouting Effortless with These Round Starter Plugs

Guarantee a faster and healthier seed germination, plant cloning, and transplanting whether you’re a beginner or a professional horticulturist, using our newest Rockwool 0.6-Inch Round Starter Plug (50 Pack).

✔ TOP QUALITY STARTER PLUGS – Made from high quality molten basaltic rock, formed into fine, spongy fiber structure to create round starter plugs or rockwool as we know it. Providing you the best way to germinate your seeds and cuttings.

✔ EFFICIENT AND ADAPTABLE – Designed for faster, better plant propagation, and takes up minimal space for easier transplanting whether on net pots, blocks, or in any type of growing medium.

✔ GREAT FOR SPROUTING – Ideal for aeroponics and hydroponics because of the fibers’ ability to hold air, moisture, and nutrients well while providing optimal plant sprouting. They also don’t resist root growth for stronger roots.

✔ 50 PIECES IN ONE PACK – Plant as much as 50 seeds and cuttings when purchasing one pack of our Pratico Outdoors Rockwool 0.6-Inch Round Starter Plug.

✔ VALUE FOR MONEY – Cheaper plant-growing medium and affordable than most 50-pack rockwool 0.6-Inch round starter plug brands of the same quality and features.

Grab our Rockwool 0.6-Inch Round Starter Plug (50 Pack) for optimum germination now!

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