Quick Reference Guide to Growing Marijuana at Home

Are You Ready to Start Growing Yourself?

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“Good weed comes to those with money. Better weed comes to those with friends. Best weed comes to those who grow.” – Anonymous

New to growing marijuana? You don’t have to be intimidated by the thought of growing your own. Home growing weed is one of the most rewarding things you can get into and once you get the hang of it, you may never buy from a dispensary again.

To give you the best marijuana growing experience possible, we came up with a number of guides and articles that tackle various topics related to growing cannabis at home. We will update this page with new content every week so make sure to bookmark and check this page regularly!

Be updated with the most recent developments in marijuana laws in the US and around the world to know how you can grow at home in your state legally.

Products & Equipment

Learn about the latest marijuana growing products, equipment and other things that can help you grow your weed better.

Seeds & Strains

Learn how to choose, buy, and grow marijuana seeds and various strains.

Grow Setups & Techniques

Learn how to set up a marijuana home growing operation as well as the various techniques and methods commonly used to improve plant health, yield and bud quality.

Grow Phases

Learn about the different growth stages of your marijuana plant and how you can better maximize its potential at each phase.

Growing Issues

Learn about some of the most common problems when home growing marijuana and its solutions.

Cannabinoids & Enjoyment

Learn more about cannabinoids and other marijuana chemicals, various methods of preparing weed, and more so you can enjoy your marijuana to the fullest.

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