Pop Up Greenhouse with PVC Plant Cover

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A Quick Mini Greenhouse For Optimum Protection

Growing your plants to their full potential while providing optimum protection from the rain, wind, frost and unpredictable weather conditions is a must. Add our Pratico Outdoors’ Pop Up Mini Greenhouse with Clear PVC Plant Cover – 80x70x70 cm to your list, set it up in a matter of seconds, and watch your sheltered plants grow and grow some more.

✔ EASY & QUICK SETUP – You can set this pop up mini greenhouse up in seconds, no sweat.

✔ PORTABLE & FOLDABLE – Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere or within the premises of your garden or backyard. Fold it smaller when not needed and conveniently store it with only minimal space required.

✔ CLEAR WINDOW – The transparent window cover lets you easily monitor the growth progress of your plant without opening it. Open the window for ventilation and warmth if you must.

✔ WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF – Designed to endure the rain, wind, frost, and other harsh environmental conditions to protect the plant.

✔ EXTRA PROTECTION – Added protection for your plants with its UV 50+ PVC cover for the harmful rays, reinforced transparent cover, and filtered sunlight, air, and moisture to ensure healthier plant growth.

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