Interview with Kevin Hamano on Home Growing

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Kevin Hamano is a digital marketing consultant from San Francisco, California. Specializing in SEM, social media marketing, and web analysis, Kevin has worked across various industries for more than a decade. The co-founder of OmNom Apps likes to describe himself as a combination of Anderson Cooper and Walt Disney. Being steadfast and innovative in what he does, he mostly spends his time nowadays using technology to create fun, engaging, and useful experiences both online and off.

Kevin says that he is a very curious person who loves discovering and learning something new about the world around him. One of the things he recently got into is growing various plants at home. We recently got in touch with him and he was happy to share his thoughts on home growing, which has gotten more popular with those who have to stay at home because of the COVID outbreak. 

1) How long have you been growing at home and how/why did you start this hobby?

I’ve been gardening since I can remember, but it was only recently that I picked up growing at home. Due to shelter in place, I wanted to still be in touch with nature. Growing plants has helped with this desire.

2) What does your home grow setup look like right now? Are there future goals for how you envision your future setup?

Currently, my setup is the seedling tray that I set up as a self-watering tray. I have a frame with netting on each side that I created to prevent gnats from getting to it. In the future, will probably invest more in indoor lighting as the weather gets colder.

3) What is the hardest part of growing at home? What challenges have you faced during this process?

The hardest part of growing at home has been managing fungus gnats. There are house plants that are always being introduced to the home. One or more may have had a fungus gnat issue, which spread to the planter due to it doing its job really well (maintaining moisture). Aside from the annoyance with the gnats, things have been smooth sailing.

4) What’s your favorite part of growing at home?

My favorite part of growing from home is being able to see and notice the small little changes that happen on a day to day basis, like new leaves forming. Looking forward to using the trays to start new plants and transplant them into the larger planter outside.

5) What are some resources you would recommend to our audience for home growing and gardening?

For anyone interested in turning a seedling tray into a self-watering tray, I would recommend checking out this article:

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