How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma 2022

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In Growing Marijuana in Oklahoma – OK Cannabis State Laws (2021) we gave a brief overview on how Oklahoma residents can apply to their state’s medical marijuana program. Recreational marijuana is still illegal in The Sooner State so if you are a patient with a debilitating condition, you don’t have a choice but to register into the are a few reasons why you may want to get an MMMP card.

Overview of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

In 2013, Oklahoma residents voted in favor of State Question 788 which legalized medical marijuana in the state. Under SQ 788, the state had to begin licensing within 30 days of the referendum’s approval but the Oklahoma Board of Health voted to ban the sale of smokable cannabis at dispensaries and require licensed pharmacists to be on-site. However, the restrictions were eventually dropped and at present, marijuana can legally be smoked in places that allow tobacco products.

You can read up on the rules here: Oklahoma’s Medical Cannabis Initiative State Question 788

For a state that actively prosecuted the use of cannabis, Oklahoma has now one of the most generous medical marijuana laws. In fact, it is now one of the largest in the nation allowing registered patients to possess 3 ounces on their person and 8 ounces at home. They may also grow as many as 6 mature plants and 6 seedlings.

Qualifying conditions

It has been said that Oklahoma doesn’t even need to legalize recreational marijuana since it has one of the most lenient medical cannabis laws in the nation. In fact, a patient may qualify for the program as long as their physician can give them a recommendation. 

Even patients under 18 afflicted with a qualifying condition that needs medical marijuana can register for the program, as long as they do so with the help of their parents or legal guardians. A minor patient may have up to two caregivers, both of which should be the parents. 

Minor patients cannot use medical marijuana by smoking or vaping unless both recommending physicians agree it is medically necessary. Nebulizers or other aerosolized medical devices are allowed. 


Those who want to apply as a caregiver in Oklahoma must be a resident at least 18 years old. They also have to be a family member or assistant who regularly looks after the medical marijuana patient.

Why should you get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

Since adult-use marijuana is still illegal in Oklahoma, getting into the state’s medical marijuana program is the only legal way patients can use cannabis for their debilitating conditions.  

How to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma

The process of getting an OMMA patient license is fairly straightforward and can be done online. Here are steps you need to take to apply for one.

For adult and minor patients

  1. Secure a completed physician recommendation form from your health provider. Any physician licensed to practice in Oklahoma, even podiatrists licensed by and in good standing with the Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners may complete this form for you.

Minor applicants must submit two written certifications, with each one from a different medical provider. The physician recommendation form must be dated within 30 days of the first one and both must be dated within 30 days of the original application submission date.

  1. Secure the necessary requirements:
    1. Proof of identity and Oklahoma residency. This can be any of the following:
      1. OK Driver’s license, state or voter’s ID, US passport and other US photo ID, tribal identification approved for identification purposes by the OK Department of Public Safety.
      2. Documentation showing the patient’s OK address (ex. utility bill, residential property deed in the state, current rental agreement )
  1. Create an account on and provide the necessary information and upload the required documents.
  2. Pay the $100 fee or $20 fee for applicants with proof of Medicaid/Medicare/100% Disabled Veteran Status and submit your application.

For caregivers

  1. Caregivers only need to fill out the Caregiver Designation Form which will be submitted along with the patient’s application. Applicants also need to provide the same documentation as patients, which are proof of identity and Oklahoma residency (see above for accepted forms of documentation). Caregiver applications are free of charge.

If your application has been properly completed and meets all requirements, the OMMA should send your medical marijuana ID after 14 days if it is approved. However, if it is incomplete, you will get an email stating the errors in your application you must correct. You may also get a denial letter within 14 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Getting an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

Why do I need to medical marijuana card?

Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Oklahoma so patients who want to use cannabis for their debilitating condition still need to apply to the state’s medical marijuana program.

Who is eligible for medical marijuana card?

Patients in Oklahoma who can get a recommendation from a state licensed physician for medical marijuana may apply for an OMMA registry ID.

Why would I want a medical marijuana card?

A medical marijuana card is the only way patients with a debilitating condition can use cannabis in Oklahoma.

How long does the process take?

It can take up to 14 days for the OMMA to review and approve or decline your submitted application.

How much does it cost to obtain a medical marijuana card?

It costs $100 to apply for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma but this can be reduced $20 fee for applicants with proof of Medicaid/Medicare/100% Disabled Veteran Status.

How many plants can I grow with medical marijuana card?

Medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma may grow up to 6 mature plants and 6 seedings.

How much marijuana can I keep with medical marijuana card?

Patients registered in Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program can possess up to 3 ounces on their person and 8 ounces at home.


If you’re a patient in Oklahoma who needs medical marijuana for your debilitating condition, you have no choice but to register into the state’s medical marijuana program. Compared to other states, even those where recreational marijuana is legal, Oklahoma’s home cultivation laws are generous which makes a medical marijuana card worth getting.

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