How to Avoid Cannabis Plant Odor Indoors?

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Over the years, the use of recreational and medical marijuana has been legalized in some states. Together with this, policies on home cultivation of the plant have also been granted with specific conditions. Cannabis users are now able to save more money and guarantee quality buds because of a more controlled set-up when they are growing their own. However, there may be a tiny drawback to this gain. As we all know, marijuana plants give off a distinct pungent aroma. The particular scent is usually recognizable to the majority, users, or nonusers alike. Although this may be tolerable to some, it can also be bothersome for others and mean trouble. That is why as home growers, you should be able to find ways to mitigate this problem.

Where does Marijuana odor come from?

As mentioned, cannabis plants can release a pungent aroma. Just like any aromatic plant, cannabis releases a strong aroma to attract pollinators and prevent predators. Their scent may not be that noticeable during the earlier stages of their growth, but the intensity increases as they reach the flowering stage. Furthermore, the scents of growing one to two plants may not be a worry. However, growing a substantial amount of cannabis, even indoors, can be so hard to mask that you can draw unwanted attention even from afar. 

The scents of cannabis plants are brought about by the mixture of its different chemical components. However, it is noted to be chiefly influenced by the secondary compounds it contains, which are terpenes or “terps”. These compounds can be found on the Trichomes which are appendages or small outgrowths on the surface of cannabis. This highly contributes to a scent that can range from fuel-like to earthy and woody to citrus and floral. Despite that, this does not explain the skunk-like aroma that is often frowned upon by others. In a research study, it was believed that volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) give cannabis its skunk scent. They utilized 13 cannabis cultivars that were analyzed for their smell by a four-person panel. The results revealed that the plant containing the highest concentration of VSCs ranked as the most pungent one. It was also discovered that going towards the end of the flowering stage the prenylated VSCs increased significantly. This stage is also when you would note the pungent aroma is most intense.

How to reduce Marijuana Odors

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters have long been used in households to get rid of odors; may they be in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Whatever odor it may be, these filters will get rid of it. It can be very effective in filtering out the skunk-like scent of your cannabis plants as air flows in and out of your growing area.

Carbon filters are tubes that consist of a mesh-like structure encasing carbon. As air moves through the tube, the filter pulls in any microscopic impurities, such as odors or volatile organic compounds that may pass through a regular filter.

Additionally, it is a low-cost solution for filtering cannabis scents, and you can make one yourself.

Here are top carbon filters for cannabis plant odors:


Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are air purifiers that emit “ozone” which is composed of three oxygen molecules. The two oxygen molecules are actually responsible for the air that we breathe while the third molecule is the one that gives the unique property of ozone. 

Ozone is a strong neutralizing agent that has numerous benefits for your plants. The third molecule detaches itself from the composition and attaches to and reacts with pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and molds, which contributes to the strong pungent smell cannabis gives off. Not only can your ozone generator eliminate cannabis odor, but it can also remove biological agents that can be harmful to your marijuana plant. Utilizing a generator in your grow room can help create a good environment for your plants.

Here are top ozone generators for cannabis plant odors:

Odor Neutralizer

Odor neutralizers have a straightforward use in eliminating cannabis odor. Neutralizers not only work in masking the scent with synthetic fragrances or aromatic chemicals, but they can alter the chemical state of the cannabis aroma. They can actually strip off the smell of weed in your grow room through absorption and chemical reactions.

Neutralizers are very efficient to use, especially for beginners. It does not take up a lot of space and you can expect results instantaneously. There are many options in the market and even come in a variety of forms.

Here are top odor neutralizers for cannabis plant odors:

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are also household names in eliminating home odors. They have fans and filters which draw in contaminated air to be filtered, reducing both particulate and gaseous matter. On top of that, air purifiers can remove allergens and mold, creating an overall healthy environment for you and your plants.

Here are top air purifiers for cannabis plant odors:

Choose a Low Odor Cannabis Strains

Marijuana plants will always have a distinct pungent smell as they grow. Simply masking their scents with chemicals and fragrances can result in a stronger or a worse combination of scents. Another route of reducing odor you can take is by choosing a low odor strain. Certain strains may have lesser terpenes or volatile sulfur compounds that can contribute to their aroma. Although these strains may not be completely odorless, they can be easily mitigated with good ventilation as well as attract less attention.

Here are low-odor cannabis strains:

  • Durban Poison
  • Northern Lights
  • Jack Herer


Home growing cannabis can be fun and rewarding. However, the distinct pungent smell the plant emits is one unique challenge you will be facing. You may find the smell pleasant, but it can also merit some legal and social consequences when it attracts unwanted attention. As home growers, we must take responsibility for securing our plants and ensuring they won’t cause a public nuisance. There are numerous means that you can employ to control the skunk-like aroma of cannabis. Additionally, there are more benefits these measures can bring besides odor control.

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