Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana Pests & Diseases

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Pests and diseases are things that you’ll have to deal with at some point in your marijuana growing journey. While these are totally preventable, it’s not uncommon for your plants to catch them. What’s important is that you know what to do when you encounter a pest problem since most cases are totally survivable.

Below are our guides on how to deal with common pests and diseases that plague the cannabis plant. We will add more guides to this page in the future so make sure to check back regularly.

Common Marijuana Insects and Pests to Look Out For

  • There are a lot of insects that can plague your garden but there are a few that are quite troublesome particularly to the cannabis plant. Get acquainted with some of the most common marijuana pests that you’re likely to encounter on your growing journey.

How to Rid Your Cannabis Plant of Slugs & Snails

  • These slimy gastropods can munch on your plants until they’re gone and although they’re slow, they can be sneaky. Learn more about these voracious nocturnal feeders in this post.

How to Rid Your Cannabis Plant of Bud Rot

  • Bud rot is one of the most dreaded diseases that a marijuana grower since it can strike without warning and there’s nothing that can be one once an infestation becomes evident. Learn more about this sinister form of mold in this post.

How to Rid Your Cannabis Plant of Thrips

  • These winged insects may not be as destructive as other pests but they are nevertheless annoying and can stunt the growth of your plants if left by themselves. Learn how to get rid of thrips safely in this guide.

How to Rid Your Cannabis Plant of Powdery Mildew

  • While powdery mildew is not a systemic kind of mold, it can still make your marijuana buds unfit for consumption. Learn about the different ways to safely prevent or get rid of this pathogen.

How to Rid Your Cannabis Plant of Spider Mites

  • Mites are particularly pesky but spider mites may be the most annoying of them all. However, it is not hopeless if your plants get infested and you can even use other mites to counter them. Learn more about this method of mite control in this post.

How to Rid Your Cannabis Plant of Aphids

  • Aphids are some of the most common garden pests that will devour anything green, including marijuana. However, you can easily get rid of these bugs without resorting to harmful pesticides. One such method would be to use beneficial insects, which you can see in this post.

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