Documenting Growing Marijuana at Home as a First Time Grower

Are You Ready to Start Growing Yourself?

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This post is an index documenting my journey growing cannabis / marijuana from seed to full flowering plant. In addition it will show harvesting and curing marijuana buds. Keep this post bookmarked or be sure to visit often to follow my progress as new posts will be added. Track my progress and learn from my mistakes (which I no doubt will  make).

List of Posts

Background About Myself and this Grow Project

  • I have never grown any plants or maintained plants (other than being forced to water plants for my parents when growing up)
  • Plan to grow in my apartment and balcony located in southern California
  • Plan to use internet extensively to figure out how to grow this stuff

Why Document This Series of Posts?

  • No comprehensive walk throughs online. In researching how to grow marijuana I found there were good tips and tricks and guides for specific phases of growing, but no one A-Z guide where they step you through growing from seed to flower. I thought this series of posts could help other aspiring growers learn from my mistakes and also give feedback on where I can improve.
  • Learn a new hobby. I started this around the first wave of Covid-19. I had toyed with the idea to learn how to grow marijuana before, but since we were stuck at home I figured it was a great time to start.
  • Growing your own saves money. I like the fact that cannabis has value and by growing it yourself you can save money vs buying it through a dispensary. With the taxes and in California upwards of 25% learning to grow and harvesting your own can save you significant money.
  • You know where your weed comes from. You control how you grow your weed and what chemicals or nutrients you use. Not to say buying from dispensaries is bad, but at least you know for sure what’s in your weed since you grew it yourself.

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