Best Marijuana Seed Strains for Beginner Growers

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If you’re a home grower who already has some experience, you probably already understand why potent, top-shelf weed is expensive. Good marijuana is hard to grow, even if you bought seeds of premium-priced, award-winning strains, only your level of expertise will determine if you can grow it to its full potential. 

Starting out with strains that are easy to grow is very important since early failures can be discouraging. There are strains that have been proven to be very resilient to diseases and beginner mistakes, but if you’re bent on growing a strain just because you heard it’s good, you’d be glad to know that it may likely have a hardy autoflower version.

Consider an autoflower strain

“Easy to grow” can be a relative term. There are some beginners who are good at following instructions and thus never encounter any growing problems. But I think that we can all agree that the fewer variables to monitor, the better which is why most beginners find it easy to use autoflowering strains.

If you’re hearing the term for the first time, here’s a quick refresher: autoflowers are a type of cannabis plant that are able to go to the flowering stage after a certain period even without changes in light cycles. Indicas and sativas are traditionally photoperiod plants, meaning that their transition to the flowering stage is dependent on how much light they get in a day. On the other hand, the ability to autoflower was first seen in Ruderalis, a hardy, feral type of cannabis that grew in harsher, colder climates. Modern autoflowering strains are most likely the product of crossbreeding with Ruderalis.

Autoflowering strains are ideal for beginners for a number of reasons:

  • Smaller size – This is often considered an advantage when growing indoors. Being smaller plants, they take up less vertical space and consume less resources than their photoperiod counterparts.
  • Doesn’t require training – You don’t have to train autoflowers, which means less effort. Ideally you would want to do a Sea of Green setup where you have more plants instead of training a few to increase canopy area. 
  • Faster growth – With autoflowers, you can reap the fruits of your labor in almost half the time. On the average, the life cycle of an autoflower plant only lasts around 8 to 10 months, with flowering periods lasting only around 5 to 7 weeks. 
  • Non-seasonal – Since autoflowers aren’t dependent on light cycles, you can grow the whole year round even outdoors. Some growers even leave the light on the whole time on autoflower plants.
  • Hardy and resilient – Since autoflowers carry the genetics of the Ruderalis subspecies which thrived in the wild, they are also more resistant against common problems such as pests and diseases. 

Buy feminized seeds

Another thing beginners should keep in mind when buying seeds is to buy feminized ones. These seeds have been bred to grow only into female plants, which are the only ones that bear flowers. There’s really no sense in getting non-feminized seeds especially if you’re just growing to get buds so check the seeds that you want to buy. Both photoperiod and autoflower strains can come feminized as well. 

The Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Beginners

There are literally hundreds of strains now available in the market and everyone will have their opinion on what is the best for beginners. Breeders are also continually pushing the boundaries of genetics and putting out new hybrids every year, but there are certain strains that have remained popular with beginners all over the world. Below is a list of these well-loved strains in their autoflower versions: 

Blue AutoMazar

  • Average price: $10.40/seed
  • Species: Indica-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
  • Average yield: 75 – 100 grams
  • THC content: 15 to 20%
  • Flowering time: Around 75 days
  • Effect: Body, Calming, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative

This cross between the AutoBlueberry and AutoMazar is an Indica-dominant strain that grows up to around 80 to 100 cm and goes from seed to harvest in roughly 75 days. Having THC levels of around 15 to 20%, the Blue AutoMazar will give you a strong but relaxing happy high.

Gorilla Glue

  • Average price: $13.9/seed
  • Species: Half Indica/Sativa
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
  • Average yield: 10 – 50 grams
  • THC content: 26%
  • Flowering time: Around 56 days
  • Effect: Relaxing, Uplifting

Gorilla Glue is another high-THC bomb, peaking at around 26%. This half-Indica, half-Sativa strain does have enough CBD to balance you out so you can get you happily stoned but relaxed. GG blooms at around 8 weeks and is very resistant to most molds and mildews. 

Blue Cheese

  • Average price: $9.7/seed
  • Species: Indica-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
  • Average yield: 60 – 150 grams
  • THC content: 18%
  • Flowering time: 70 to 80 days
  • Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing

As its name suggests, Blue Cheese Auto is a cross between Blueberry and Cheese. This Indica strain has a decent amount of THC at around 18% which will give you a euphoric but relaxed experience. You can expect to harvest your buds after only 70 to 80 days.  

Green Crack 

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  • Average price: $8/seed
  • Species: Sativa-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Easy to medium
  • Average yield: 500 grams
  • THC content: 20%
  • Flowering time: 63 to 70 days
  • Effect: Cerebral, Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Stimulating , Uplifting

The aptly named Green Crack, characterized by its signature light green color with orange pistils, will give you an energetic, cerebral euphoria with its 20% THC content. This Sativa-dominant strain grows somewhere up to 90 cm and is ready for harvest at around 10 weeks.

Jack Herer

  • Average price: $11.9/seed
  • Species: Sativa-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Medium
  • Average yield: 20 – 60 grams
  • THC content: Up to 20%
  • Flowering time: Around 56 days
  • Effect: Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

The Jack Herer strain needs no introduction and now it has an auto version. A hardy plant resistant to diseases, you can expect to harvest your buds at around 9 weeks. Slightly leaning towards Sativa, Jack Herer is a renowned strain that boasts a 20% THC level that’s universally enjoyed for clear-headed, happy, and energetic high.

Northern Lights 

  • Average price: $12/seeds
  • Species: Indica-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
  • Average yield: 50 – 60 grams
  • THC content: 15%
  • Flowering time: Around 56 days
  • Effect: Body, Relaxed, Mellow

This Indica-dominant strain is known for its signature frosted buds, honey and musk scent on an earthy Afghan base. It is a speedy plant that finishes its life cycle in just around 60 to 65 days. Having moderate THC levels of around 15% to 20%, Northern Lights’ happy, mellow high never fails to please both beginners and connoisseurs alike. 

Blue Dream

  • Average price: $10.95/seed
  • Species: Sativa-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
  • Average yield: Around 550 grams
  • THC content: Around 20%
  • Flowering time: Around 77 days
  • Effect: Cerebral, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Uplifting

Standing at around 110cm, Blue Dream is somewhat tall for an auto. This Sativa-dominant, clocks at around 11 weeks to harvest but is worth the wait as it’s 20% THC levels can give you a strong cerebral but uplifting high.

White Widow 

  • Average price: $11.9/seed
  • Species: Indica-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
  • Average yield: Around 500 grams
  • THC content: 19%
  • Flowering time: Around 56 days
  • Effect: Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

This Indica-dominant strain has been a favorite for beginners since it is easy to grow and has moderate levels of THC at 19% with some CBD. Many describe the White Widow experience as balanced, relaxing yet uplifting head-based high. You can expect to harvest your buds at around the 8 to 9 week mark. 


  • Average price: $6/seed
  • Species: Indica-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Medium
  • Average yield: Around 500 grams
  • THC content: Around 14%
  • Flowering time: 63 days
  • Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing, Calming

With 14% THC and medium levels of CBD, Blueberry is perfect for those who want to get stoned to chill and relax. This Indica-dominant strain clocks at around 9 weeks to harvest and is great for fast and easy yields.

Train Wreck 

  • Average price: $12/seed
  • Species: Sativa-dominant
  • Growing difficulty: Easy to medium
  • Average yield: Around 500 grams
  • THC content: 25%
  • Flowering time: Around 56 days
  • Effect: Euphoric, Powerful, Happy

Saving the best for last, Train Wreck is a strain that’s popular among eager beginners who just want to get stoned, period. This Sativa-dominant strain will knock your socks off with THC levels of around 25% which according to many can leave you in deep euphoria and couch-locked if you’re not careful. Train Wreck auto buds are ready to harvest at around 80 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good strains of marijuana for beginners?

Some of the most popular strains for beginners are the following:
– Blue AutoMazar
– Gorilla Glue
– Blue Cheese
– Green Crack
– Jack Herer
– Northern Lights
– Blue Dream
– White Widow
– Blueberry
– Train Wreck
– Cannatonic
– Harlequin
– Cinex
– Sour Tsunami

What kind of marijuana seeds should new home growers buy?

If you are a new home grower, you should start with feminized, autoflower seeds. While these seeds will grow into smaller plants than their photoperiod versions, they are also likely to be more resistant to overfeeding, pests and diseases.


Just because these strains are easy to grow doesn’t mean that they will give you a low yield of sub-par weed. On the contrary, these strains are the product of skillful breeding and are thus superior than their predecessors in many ways. They are also certainly not inferior to their photoperiod versions. Rather, these autoflower strains make the most sense for home growers who don’t have a lot of grow space. The bottomline is, as long as you give these strains the best care possible, you can be assured of buds that you won’t be disappointed with. 

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