All in One Marijuana Grow Kits

Are You Ready to Start Growing Yourself?

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If you’ve read our post on Home Growing Marijuana vs Buying at Dispensary, you may have already realized that it’s not actually hard to grow a marijuana plant. Sure, you’ll need some expertise if you want a big yield, but as a beginner, once you get over the initial hurdle of sourcing seeds, getting your cannabis plant to survive until harvest time is still a fairly simple process which you can accomplish even with the most basic of necessities such as soil, water, light and fertilizer. 

Even though the basics of marijuana cultivation is pretty straightforward, there are still those who would rather miss out on the rewards and fulfillment of growing their own just because they find it tedious to put together the components of a home cultivation kit. If this sounds like you, well you’d be happy to know that you no longer have an excuse, you can now buy an “all-in-one” marijuana growing kit that takes the guesswork out of growing weed. 

No Green Thumb Needed

A cleverly named cannabis company called A Pot for Pot has now made things even easier for noobs to start their first grow. When you buy a kit from them, you get all that you’ll need to grow a decent marijuana plant in just a few clicks. Like cooking a pack of instant ramen, all you need to do is put the components of the kit together and follow the included instructions. 

All-in-one marijuana kits

Since their target customers are newbies, A Pot for Pot keeps things simple by offering only 5 kits:

As you may have guessed, these growing kits basically consist of equipment and accessories needed for a soil-grown plant. While the seeds are not included, possibly to allow you to buy your preferred strain, you get a coupon for a discount at I Love Growing Marijuana instead. This is probably better since ILGM is arguably the most popular and trusted cannabis seed merchant online. Now whenever you need more seeds, you know how and where to buy them. 

What’s in a kit?

You might be surprised to see that A Pot for Pot’s kits are no gimmick, they do include high-quality products that are essential to growing marijuana. The most complete set is the Large Complete Pot Grow Kit which ships with the following accessories:

The Medium, Small, and Mini kits also have these except for the jiffy pellet, leaf shine, nitrogen fertilizer and trimming shears. Instead of a separate spray bottle and watering can, both kits have a sprayer/watering can combo. Meanwhile, the expansion kit only comes with the seed discount coupon, 2 or 5 gallon fabric pot, drain saucer, seed germination kit, soil mix, beneficial bacteria, diatomaceous earth, aerated growing mix, and coco coir brick.

Cannabis growing accessories

If you liked the experience of buying from A Pot for Pot and would rather not go through the hassle of finding another reputable cannabis growing equipment seller, you’d be happy to know that they also have extra accessories for sale. Most of the accessories that they offer are the same bundled with their growing kits:

  • Superb Soil – soil mix already loaded with components for better nutrition and consistency
  • Air Pruning Fabric Pot – a lightweight but durable fabric pot that prevents overwatering and allows your plant’s roots to breathe 
  • Seedling Starter Kit – a peat moss jiffy pellet and container that makes the task of seed sprouting less complicated
  • Watering Can – a 1 quart, dual purpose plastic watering can and sprayer 
  • Precision Trimming Scissors – a versatile pair of shears with short precision blades and wide loop handles, can be used for pruning and trimming buds
  • Gift Card – if you’re unsure of what to get for your recipient, use a gift card instead. 

Other all-in-one growing kits

If A Pot for Pot’s kits aren’t really the ones you had in mind, here are a few alternatives you may want to check out:

  • Marijuana Seed Breeder’s Complete Grow Kits – MSB’s kits focus more on bespoke growing medium additives like nutrient mixes, beneficial bacteria etc. Rather than including growing equipment, these kits include a pack of seeds of some of their most popular strains such as Amnesia Haze, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies 2.0, HeroDawg and White Widow.
  • The Bud Grower’s All-In-One Home Grow Kits – Bud Grower’s kits are an example of popular grow kits that include almost everything needed for an indoor tent grow such as grow lights, pots, soil, hygrometers, and even carbon-filtered exhaust kits. Most growers prefer these kits since marijuana for personal use can only be grown indoors away from public view in most states in the US.


It might seem easy to discount A Pot for Pot’s growing kits since it’s easy enough for most of us to figure out what and where to buy marijuana growing equipment, but for someone who has never grown before, these kits can clear a big initial obstacle to growing their own. These all-in-one cannabis growing kits present a great convenience that is hard to say no to, which make them great gifts if you want a friend to get into marijuana home growing, especially since they’re also decently priced. While intermediate level growers will likely pass on these products, beginners will definitely appreciate the value that A Pot for Pot offers.  

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