About Us

Since the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the world, we have personally gotten into home growing. This includes everything from home growing marijuana to fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

These are our early days and we would really like connecting with others who share the same interests. People who enjoy being able to provide for themselves. It’s not that buying your own fruits, herbs and weed is too expensive, although that is the benefit of home growing. It’s also the fact that being able to grow something of your own from scratch and using it is a pretty cool thing to do. At least we think so.

Now that people have been more accustomed to staying at home and finding hobbies that interest them, we thought it was a good time to launch the site.

We hope to provide good content and document our successes, as well as failures in this space.

Meet The Team



Research and Development

George works as a researcher, writer, and data analyst for I Love to Home Grow. He has worked in the SEO and digital marketing industry for almost a decade and aspires to create a home garden of his own. He spends his spare time hanging at the beach, learning new languages, playing guitar, and writing songs.



When the stay at home orders hit Los Angeles, Eric noticed many people were rediscovering the passions they've had as a kid or finding new ones they never knew they had. One common hobby friends were dabbling in was home growing. This included homegrown food in the form of vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices to add to food, and even herbs to smoke. Because of the interest, Erick decided to create a website to include information and fun resources that can assist people in their new hobbies. When he's not on the computer, Eric is at the CrossFit gym or traveling (anywhere out of LA will do).



Benny is a noob when it comes to cannabis. It wasn’t until after California legalized recreational marijuana (2016) that he decided to experiment and see what the literal “buzz” was about. After going to dispensaries and sampling different products the idea of being able to grow his own marijuana plants sounded interesting. It appealed to his sense of self-reliance and cheapness (40% in taxes add up!). The challenge, however, is Ben had never successfully grown any plant let alone marijuana and had no clue how and where to start. Turning to the Internet he realized there was too much information and it was fragmented. Figuring his experiences could help other beginners like himself he started ILTHG as a way to condense and bring together actionable resources