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Maximizing Sunlight for Growing Marijuana on a Balcony

While growing indoors was an option, instead, I wanted to take advantage of my sunny southern California weather by growing on my apartment balcony. Not only could I use an underutilized space (my balcony was just collecting dust), but also save money on electricity. However, as I started my grow journey I learned the importance of maximizing sunlight while growing on a balcony.

Home Growing Marijuana vs Buying at Dispensary

Part of the fun of growing my own marijuana is not only the joy of learning and partaking in a new hobby, but seeing if I can save money by growing an expensive product (especially when you factor in local and state taxes).

How To Setup A Drying Room For Weed

For home growers, especially beginners, having a space to dry your weed is something you need to think about. To increase your chances of yielding a successful batch of smokable ganja, you want to consider a few basic items to take into consideration when setting up your room to dry your marijuana. This article will only cover the basics of what to look for in your drying room and nothing else. In future articles, we will discuss the curing and monitoring the process of drying your weed and how it can affect the quality of your weed. For now, check out this great Leafly article.

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